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Size: 600W

SKU SNM600-C-8

SNJO single phase micro inverters have 600W and 800W power types, support connect up to 2 panels, 15A PV input current, and comes with 220/230/240 AC output voltage. And it supports Wi-Fi communication, and its Wi-Fi antenna can be folded and rotated 360°.

Compared with string inverter, microinverter gives you module level monitoring, making the O&M easier.


Key Features:

1.Independent MPPT Design:

Each MPPT of the grid tie micro inverter is only connected to one photovoltaic(PV) module. Therefore, the micro inverter can track the maximum power of each PV module independently, and prevent the shaded modules from affecting the normal operation of other modules.

2.High Safety:

The maximum PV input voltage of solar micro inverter is 60V, which significantly reduces the possibility of fire in the distributed PV power station. And, the lower DC input voltage reduces the risk of PV power plant operation, maintenance and rescue.

3.Wi-Fi Communication:

The single phase micro inverter is small size and light weight. No additional gateways needed for module-level monitoring. The Wi-Fi antenna can be folded and rotated 360°, flexibly adapting to the scene and better receiving signals.

4.Easy Installation:

Solar microinverter with pre-assembled AC cable, support connect in parallel, so different models can be directly connected, easy to add PV modules to the array. And standard MC4 connector, saving your connect DC cable time.

5. Durable and Reliable:

IP67 protection ensures the micro inverters are resistant to dust and water, while a good warranty provides peace of mind for long-term usage.