Z20I3K6D-5KD Dual MPPT Single Phase Inverter

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Zeus Appollo’s Z20I3K6D/5KD inverter series is designed under modern industrial design concept. It is widely and flexibly used in residential rooftop units because of its wide range of voltage and current inputs. It features very high conversion efficiency and reliability.

This series provides long-term and stable generating benefits. The powerful, intelligent, user friendly interface and smart design makes it most suitable for residential applications. With Zeus Appollo, we put you in full control of your solar needs.



Z20I3K6D Z20I5KD
DC Input Data
Max.recommended DC power[W] 4680 6500
Max.DC voltage [V] 580
Max. input current [A] 11/11
MPPT Voltage Range [V]  80~550
Min.DC voltage/turn-on voltage [V] 120
No. of inputs/MPP trackers 2/2
DC connector Amphenol H4/MC4/Sunclix(optional)
Output (AC)
Nominal AC power [W] 3680 5000
Max. AC power [W] 3680 5000
Nominal AC voltage; range [V] 230;180~270
AC grid frequency; range [Hz] 50/60; 45~55/55~65
Max.AC current [A] 16 22.8
Power factor 0.8 leading~0.8 lagging
Total harmonic distortion(THD) <3% 

* Warranty is valid for 5 years



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