On-Grid Solar Inverter

Zeus Appollo Solar inverter series is designed under modern industrial design concept. Itis widely and flexibly used in residential rooftop units because of its wide range of voltage and current inputs. It features very high conversion efficiency and reliability. This series provides long-term and stable generating benefits. The powerful, intelligent, user friendly interface and smart design makes it most suitable for residential applications.



Energy Storage for Off-Grid System/ Hybrid System

LiFePO4 is an ideal battery for all your stored energy needs. Because from home energy storage to backup & emergency power for industrial buildings, Lithium is the most efficient way to store your energy from solar, wind, or generator.
You can effectively charge LiFePO4 in 1/3 of the time (with a generator), and they’re much more efficient in harnessing energy (solar, alternator, generator, wind, etc.)
There’s less discharge when unused — there is only a 2-3% loss per month, which insures you have the on demand power when you need it. Other batteries can lose as much as 10-15% of their charge per month.
Despite the higher upfront cost, LiFePO4 saves you money. With 90% efficiency a 10x longer lifespan, you should get a return on investment in 2-4 years.    

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