Neovolt All in one System

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The Neovolt All in One Solar System is an efficient energy storage solution.

Neovolt solar system with a 5KW hybrid inverter and 10KWH lithium ion battery. And the system offers 8000 cycles @ 95% DOD and 10 years performance warranty. 

Neovolt system has 200% PV input. And its 10W load power detection accuracy helps you save electricity bills.

Neovolt system with a plug and play 3-step installation process.

  • 【10kW Max. PV Input】Upgrade your solar system, allowing 5kW for the load/grid and 5kW for battery charging.
  • 【96V LiFePO4 Battery】Upgrade your solar system to a 96V battery for a 2% increase in charging and discharging efficiency, increase your round trip efficiency from 80% to 90% compared to 48V battery. 
  • 【10W Load Detection Accuracy】 5kW hybrid inverter has 10W load power detection accuracy, which ensures efficient use of stored power. 
  • 【8000 Cycles with 10 Years Guarantee】Our energy storage system utilizes A grade LFP battery cells, ensuring over 8000 cycles and a remaining capacity of 80% after 10 years. 
  • 【3 Steps to Install & Smart User APP】Our quick-plug connectors and 3-step installation process save time and costs. Monitor and diagnose your system through app or cloud. If you need installation assistance, please contact us!